Tuesday, December 9, 2008


You know, I was thinking.. Animals are so darn cute.. why do we eat them? See, that's the problem.. I would love to become a vegetarian, but it's just wayy too hard for me because I've been a carnivore all my life. But it saddens me when people are killing animals for their.. tasty.... delicious.... meat.

I love beef.. and most of you probably would agree that steak is bomblicious. Now, think about that statement for a minute... would you ever eat a dog? Then WHY would you eat a cow?! I watched this reality TV show about a couple and their 8 beautiful children, and one of the kids were taken to a farm. The cows/calves are soooo darn cute! They were fed milk with a bottle! .. but when they grow up.. POW! Into our burgers they go. You would never take for a puppy until it gets fat and grown up, then make it into hot dogs would you?

Gosh- life is soo darn sad. We humans are SOOO hypocritical (yes, even myself).

I'm at work... working hard or hardly working, you can be the judge of that.

ANYWAY, I fed a squirrel =) It was too cute.. it went up to me and our hands touched too! GOSH darn, I want to just put a collar on that little critter, name it Sandy, create an air dome for her and call her my pet ^_^


I have a new picture for the blog. It was taken 2 days ago before I went to go eat Hot Pot at Shen Zhen (which I might add is the best hot pot place in Portland.. They have great friendly service as well as bomb authentic Chinese food......... I would not go to Beijing Hotpot again... ugh.. waste of time and money.. but good experience though)


Alrightie, what else to say..

oh yeah.. the NW UnaVSA summit is coming up this weekend. I'll be waiting to see all of you there! *Smiles*


Michael said...

i think that new picture you took for your blog found a new home as a wallpaper for my tmobile G1!!! :D!

Huynh said...

Careful with wild animals now Vivi, even though cute, but they can be dangerous.

I wouldn't eat a dog, it's not on my menu ~ beef, pork, chicken, duck etc. they're there for a reason :-] if dogs or cats were never pets, they'd be part of the food chain for us on a daily basis. We were hunted, and now we are the hunters.

Good thought though, and truthfully, it's like, why should plants be eaten? They don't do any harm, they just grow and yet EVERYTHING eats it. Poor plants ;-P

Bei said...

we're cruel cruel people T_T