Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dance Ladies

Hey ladies. This blog post is for you and you know it. It's about our upcoming potluck tomorrow instead of dance rehearsal. Same place, same time. 6pm-9pm - and we will be doing our Secret Santa drawing. We will also be playing games and I will bring Gifts for the winners of the night. But of course, before we start the potluck party, I would like all of you girls there on time BECAUSE I'm going to test you on your dance routine. Make sure you practice lots tonight ^_^

Who's bringing what:

Leslie - Chips Chips and Chips
Michelle - V8 - healthy juice drinks.. yes - NO SODA POPS!
Jennifer - our Fruit girl. strawberries and cantaloupes yum yum
Kimmy - SALADDDD & Pizza
Kimberly - Our desert girl .. yay sugar ^_^
Analy - Souppppp (if she does join us)

and Myself.. I will be bringing the main course of our meal =)

Alright ladies, remember to practice - bring your cameras - dress in your festive comfy outfits and lets enjoy the night together ^_^

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michelleng17 said...

-sigh- that was a hecka funn night. ;]