Thursday, September 3, 2009

I haven't been keeping any updates for quite a while.. I guess I have slacked off... like, really really slack. I'm pulling it back together now. lol.

I HAVE NOT SLEPT FOR 24 HOURS NOW.. and it's still counting. Surely that is NOT a good thing.. for some reason though, I've been doing it pretty often.. I've also been taking these sleeping pills which does help me sleep.. but I'm trying not to be so dependent on them.. oh my, I want to be normal. Lol.

Today is a Thursday and the weather outside is just beautiful. I'm going to try not to crash and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Oh yes, also.. I've been planning the whole summer to get a teacup yorkie as a pet. They are the cutest little creatures!

I'm hoping to get one real soon. I haven't been home all summer, so I couldn't really purchase one. Lets just say I was on a 3 month vacation. But I'm going back home in 2 weeks! I miss home very much, along with all my wonderful friends and family.

I would like to share with you this very sad music video, which my boyfriend showed me. Take the time to watch it, I think you might like it. Very heart-felt. I'm a sucker for these sweet videos!

well... Enjoy ^_^

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Analy Lee said...

i was about to cry when i first saw the video!! So sad chi...btw its analy! LOL I'm to lazy to sign on to my account...but yea