Tuesday, October 28, 2008

retarded, stinky dude

At the moment, I'm am f*ckin FURIOUS, agitated, and shaken up. A crazy retard walked into the law office today (where I work) - demanded a ridiculous amount of money, threw everything off the desk (the keyboard - which broke apart - but I put it back together- , the mouse.. MY NEW PHONE - which now has scratches all over it), spilled coffee all over my laptop (which is now super sticky and hard to type with), swore curse words like there was no tomorrow, pushed my boss against the wall, and ran off when we said we're calling the police.

Damn idiot needs to BURN IN HELL for all I can say.



tammy said...

yikes thats so crazy!! well luckily you're okay.

michelleng17 said...

AHH! WHAT THE F***? thats is soo stupid, what the hell. who the hell robs a freakin law officee?!!?
omgsh, just reading about it makes me pissed off. agghh *sigh* >__< we need a phone case don't wee.

Welmanee said...

omg! that's so horrible! o man..and no idea who he was? should find him and sue. and yes..at least you're okay. and wow. i didnt know you were working at a law office. exploring other careers?

Nick Luu said...

dayum i wouldda beat that guy down sooo baddd shooot i wouldnt give him a chance to run away

Anonymous said...

Vivi you're a lawyer?
Didn't know that.