Monday, October 27, 2008


okay so, someone sent this link to me as a joke, but I found it so darn funny that I had to post it up. here it is

"Click on this Vivi Bory - Against voting Video"

Trust me, you will be like. What the heck? ^_^


Anyway, I just finished watching "Carrie" . oh man, what an evil girl.

Photo Strip of the Day: some of my photography works =)

This beautiful lady is Mika ^_^


Huynh said...

The video was hilarious. Boy, I'd hate to be you when that happens XD

But don't worry, at least you'll be popular and famous and well-known. Tee hee.

Welmanee said...

OMG VIVI! that video was CRAZY! <3

Anonymous said...

hahaha i almost believed that video to be TRUE until i saw u can customize it at the end....loll i was laughing ^__^

Analy Lee said...

CHI OI! nice one!
HA HA HA you should
look at my blog page!
I updated it :)