Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a lovely morning, the sun is up and shining .. the leaves are turning color. The yellow, orange, and red really brings out this beautiful autumn season ^_^

So tell me, Isn't this just the cutest picture ever? Lol. He just loves to kiss me huh =) Smiles.

So anyway, aside from the super cute photo, I had a dance performance yesterday. It was for an international TaeKwonDo meet I think. But it was awesome. I got to meet people from Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, and so much more. Although, our performance actually got pushed back 2.5 hours and that kind of got us a little frustrated, since most of us had to leave early.. So our plans kind of got switched up/down/around.. Eh.. What can you do? As an entertainer, you've got to learn to cope with last minute changes. Unless you're mighty rich and don't need the gig. Lol, but that's obviously not where I'm at. =) Plus, it was to represent PSU VSA, so we got to fulfill our role ^_^. I'll be uploading the photos once I receive them.

Today I will be going back home to my mommie and pops =) Since my little brother is back in town for the weekend, might as well spend time with the whole family =)

oOo Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm sooOooooooo excited!!!!! I honestly wait for Turkey day every year... I just love them Turkeys! More yummy in my tummy ^_^

just for the heck of it.. I feel like posting a strip of my photos. Here goes =)


randyonline said...

Add the followers gadget so I can add you! Nice blog. Check mine out when you get the chance.

Huynh said...

Hi ViVi, I'm surprised you're starting a blog :-] Isn't it fun?

I don't know if that myspace thing is a prank or a joke or whatever, but shoes (replacement word for sh*t) happens.

Take care.

Analy Lee said...

WOW! i love taking pictures of you!
It seems like my camera loves you chi :) HA HA HA:)
photo shoot soon? eh?

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures,
and you look pretty<3

(you don't know me)