Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alrightie ladies, what would you like to learn/know first?



- or winter Fashion tips

There it is, the raincheck. =)

Black Friday is approaching. Ladies, save up your money and go shopping! I'm definitely doing that this year =) Woodburn outlet, here I come ^_^.

Here is some of my favorite styles of eyelashes.. And what I recommend for the Natural Look..

These lashes are called the "Christy." The price is $5 USD a pair. If you decide to buy a larger quantity, I'll definitely give you an awesome discount =)

These lashes are called the "Marisa," and these are my most favorite natural lash. If you have nice big eyes, this will definitely bring out your eyes even more ^_^. The price for these lashes are $6 USD per pair. Once again, discounts will be given for larger quantity orders.

If you would like to see more styles, let me know =)


Rachel said...

make up!! =)

t said...


DorknAngelx05 said...

Winter fashion tips! :D

I've never tried fake lashes, but you make me want to buy some.. so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hairr! =)
Then make up

Or how about all three =)

Anonymous said...

can eyelash adhesive expire?

Anonymous said...

I wanna learn MAKE UP =]