Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Afternoon - on this rainy gloomy day...

-Did you ever stop to ponder, why does a rainy day always make you gloomy? You know, I was just thinking about the movie Men In Black when Will Smith says to the girl, "You are not sad because it is raining, it is raining because you are sad." That is definitely, the deepest (at least one of the deepest) sayings I've heard in life.
And what if its true? What if, somewhere in this world, someone is controlling the rain, when they are sad ? Or if the sun comes out when they're happy? What if I was that person? I'd have so much fun playing with the weather. Everytime I feel at ease, the snow will lightly drift down to earth... enough to walk down the park at night with my love one.. under the moon with the snow glistening underneath our feets.. sigh.. now I want my white Christmas........

I'm currently sitting at work.. I'm still sick, but a LOT better than yesterday. I think I had a small fever yesterday.. couldn't do anything..

here were my symptoms:
- Headaches
- Stuffy congested head
- Sore throat (hurt to swallow)
- Major body ache
- Hot and cold at the same time

Man it was horrible.. I took a bath in the hottest temperature.. but it still didn't feel like enough for me - ugh. But it was nice because hunnie ended up pampering me all night (even combed my hair until it was silky smooth, lol)
to my dance ladies:

I still managed to get to dance practice last night though, although I'm the choreographer, I sat there most of the time and just told the girls what to do. Haha, sorry if I tortured you girls, but you know I love you all ^_^

I especially feel sorry for punishing Jennifer - but hey, that tells you now not to be 45 minutes late to a 2-hour practice. But push ups are nothing, next time you guys are late.. I'm making you guys run suicides (however many minutes you are late)

Here are some new photography portraits of mine.. from last weekend's shoot. But here it is anyway. Enjoy =)

Model: Christina V.

Model: Julie A.

Model: Stacy T.

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