Monday, November 3, 2008

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Nothing special really happening today. I am currently at work, and fixing up some photos for our upcoming calendar. I do have plans tonight though. Dinner with hunnie, this shall be nice, especially since I've been craving hot pot =) oOo..... thinking about it is making me drool.

Enough about today, a couple nights ago was halloween! How did you guys handle yourself? I've heard that Halloween was created by candy companies a while back to sell candy, but is that really true? If anyone knows the real reason why Halloween came to be, please let me know.

Also, has anything supernatural ever happened to you? If so, definitely tell me about it. I would love to hear true stories from you all, and maybe even share it with others!

For Halloween night, I went to a couple parties, and was super exhausted the next day. I had a photoshoot the next morning, so you bet cha! I looked like crap... Lol. Here are some photos that I stole from Sam's myspace =)

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xvi3tboiix said...

Hey Vivi :) what calender is comming out?? Can people buy this calender??